Francesca at home in her Colorado wildlife garden

Recovery and a new life lease...
The staff of Summit Alta Bates Hospital 3N are the most encouraging and remarkable group of International people! After this physically traumatic event I was nurtured back to recovery by this amazing team of health care providers. My sisters Gwen and Marie where by my side assisting me as I struggled through the first 5 horrid days of recovery. Slowly since discharge, I feel better day by day. Cognitive skills lost over 5 years ago when the valve regurgitation became severe have been regained at an amazing pace with visual colors and light almost being too bright!

Grazie for all your love sent,


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Successful Mitral Valve REPAIR!

Ever had a bad hair day? First day POST OP was everything it looks like… pure hell that continued though the first week. Dr. Lee and Francesca spent a moment wishing fellow dual valve replacement Peruvian patient Rossana good health on her discharge day. Day ten Francesca presented her life sized heart art greeting card to the staff and said final good byes to 3N chief night nurse Paula. Dr. Lee and his staff come with my highest recommendation for this challenging new minimally invasive open heart repair.

  Collector flashback… Enzo and Rian Montelbano

Piazza San Marco café owners proudly display Francesca’s wild art. Enzo and his lovely wife Rian provided Francesca and Antonia’s 2005 anchor for their 2 month rendezvous in Florence. Italian ices, smiles and a toast of champagne reunited all this summer of 2006. Any wonder why Francesca loves ITALIA!

  Francesca’s Heart Art Fundraiser

Francesca’s first ART ON THE TERRACE fundraiser was well attended by new and existing collectors. A warm burning fire pit created a colorful back drop for entertaining and a great photo opt for Francesca’s newest collectors. Close to 65% of Francesca’s heart surgery expenses were raised through this one day event! Thanks you all of you for supporting her event.


Introducing Cioccolatini di Francesca… Francesca’s little chocolates… Museum quality Glicee miniatures at affordable prices. Delectable to buy a box full.

Choose any combination of 11" x 14" minature Giclées starting at $75.00
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