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Francesca was born in the Bronx, New York.  She spent most of her youth just north of the city in Westchester, New York.  She then moved to Denver, Colorado where she began her art career studying under several well-known watercolorists.

These instructors, including Frank Francese, Robert Burridge, Victor Martinez, and Stephen Quiller, contributed to her developing her own unique style. From them she gained knowledge and experience in color theory, using bold, vibrant color and other techniques that influenced her semi-abstract approach to watercolor painting.

She has been invited to teach art and speak at the International Styrian Summer Art Fest '07 in Graz, Austria. Francesca had two solo exhibitions in Cortona, Italy summer of '06.

Creating art through painting  is the consummation of her dreams… especially fashioning beautiful images of nature through the watercolor medium.  Her “Animals are Wild” series focuses on beautiful natural creatures, influenced by her untamed, Italian flair, of course!


Francesca Owens is a watercolor artist from the Littleton, Colorado area where she has lived most of her adult life. Besides being an accomplished artist, Francesca has had an active involvement in nature and the environment, as well as Colorado wildlife. She was responsible for the creation of the Isthmus Nature Park and Learning Gardens, a nature preserve and educational park dedicated to the protection of several valuable species, including blue herons and bald eagles.

She was the principal designer of the layout and landscape architecture for the park and for the beautiful, artistic signage that is present at the park, informing guests about the natural grandeur surrounding them.    

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Colorado artist Francesca Owens in her studio.


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