I love vibrant colors and high contrast therefore, particularly enjoy painting zebras, tigers and giraffes.  The strength of my paintings lie in solid rhythmical patterns translated from nature.

"Pensive Zebra"
A collection piece
part of the
Animal Are Wild Series.
Watercolor, 26"×13"

In order to obtain my vivid colors I use intense raw pigment and the highest quality paints.  I am not afraid of dropping chunks of paint onto a still damp first glaze.  I sit back and watch it float above and then blend into the previous layers of color.

Take Pensive Zebra where I have translated the black stripes into a more comfortable and eye-pleasing blues, that ascend from the complementary warm, burnt-orange background. 

Another example is Tiger Flash where an analogous color scheme is created through vivid cobalt violet and the deep violet background.

I take risks when I create art.  My canvas is tilted when I paint achieving a unique style that is hard to duplicate without practice, risk and skill. Colors run together naturally offering unpredictable and interesting abstract backgrounds.

Messy and wet a painter, I am. It is not uncommon for me to look down and see the knees of my jeans drenched in excess color or my shoes sitting in puddles of paint that has run off my canvas.

My greatest joy is when others look at my work.  Watching their eyes gliding around my subject, then pausing to reflect and making some comment of how they enjoyed the work.



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