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Francesca Speaks about her Tigers Facing Extinction Series
Goodrich's Release & WCS Siberian Tiger Project

Save the Tiger Fund   FROM THE ARTIST'S DESK:
“Francesca Speaks about her Tigers Facing Extinction Series”
“All the worlds a country”, is an expression I learned from my cousin
Luigi in southern Italy.  I felt this this rang true for this series and I will explain.

It was 11:00 at night when I sat at my desk creating “Release”, the final work of this nine piece series. It had been a tough one to create, causing me to emotionally grieve the plight of tigers as I labored through it. An occasion glass of red wine at the closure of a piece softened the blow I often felt in my heart.

This slaughtered tiger from Thailand is where the story begins. Since we would be working together so intimately, I believed she deserved a name.  I studied her stripe patterns and found an area that distinguished her to me, as though I could identify her from others tigers.

The name TIGRA was chosen to honor my first kitten.Tigra’s uniquely woven pattern of stripes on her hind section became my focus point to craft this series from.

The subject matter dictated composition. The subject matter itself, dictated composition.  The median of execution ranged from charcoal, reverse image transfer, graphite, to hand printed reliefs. Notice the  warm orange red value appearing in close proximity at the identical location of her body through out the works; this is Tigra’s signature. Did you know that just like human fingerprints, no two tigers have
identical stripes? This basic premise flowed through out the series. 

The series begins with an unidentifiable subject titled “In Vain”.  The story that Judy Mills and Brian Gratwicke tell from fills the body of this series.  Images from the field… tiger breeding farms in China, confiscated tiger parts in Thailand, to the successful rescue of a Siberian tiger, named Victor with the help of John Goodrich and his team of Russian colleagues.

When completed, I realized the world had played a hand in what has become tigers fate of facing extinction in the wild, and the world would have to solve this crisis.  Henceforth “Tigers Facing Extinction” was created.  I hope it moves you as it did me.

In our tigers fate,

Francesca Owens.                                    | See "Save the Tiger" Series Artwork |

Save the Tiger Fund

Tiger Gaze Giclee

“I’m outta here!”

Releasing a 385-pound Siberian tiger back into the wild is an exhilarating experience, for both the animal (opposite) and the author (right). Named Victor, after a member of Russia ’s Tiger Response Team, the cat had been caught in a poacher’s snare set deep in the forest. This tiger is extremely lucky.
Rather than having his skin and bones sold on the black market for animal parts, he literally roared out of this Land Rover and headed for the snowy woods,wearing a radio collar that will allow Goodrich and his colleagues to keep tabs on his whereabouts and habits.



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