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"Did I die in Vain?" Reviews
"Did I Die in Vain?" Mini-Movie
" No you didn't (die in vain) until we die because we know.
Your death haunts us rest of our lives."

"Tigra didn't die in vain because (Francesca's) image sent messages. Knowledge sparks action. It is not enough for a handful of tiger conservationists to fight the Killers... everyone has a role to play."
                             Kae Kawanishi
                            Wildlife Biologist
                            Read about Kae's work.

"Francesca Owens' series of art illuminates the horrible tragedy of what is happening to the last of the world's wild tigers in a slaughter being conducted to feed the wallets of organised crime syndicates and the egos of the selfish newly rich."
                             Debbie Martyrs
                            Fauna and Flora International, FFI
                            Britain's oldest conservation organization
                            Read about Debbie's work.


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