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"When Francesca presented me with her Animals Are Wild series, I was taken aback by the vibrancy colors that jumped off the prints. The combination of color variance made the tigers and zebra's appear surreal."

                            Stephanie Johnson, Exhibition Proposal Coordinator
                             Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service

"I dipinti di Francesca sono eseguiti con molte capacità pittorica. L’artista mette in risalto il colore con una cromatica e una ricchezza di notevole rilievo. Francesca ha una poetica molto forte ed espressiva."

"Francesca’s paintings are executed with a great pictorial ability. The artist stresses colors with a chromatic and a remarkable richness. Francesca has a very strong and expressive poetic rendering."

                             Edo Barzagli
                            Critico d’arte
                            Collaboratore di Riviste bimestrali
                            Via P. Giordani, 6 Firenze, Italia 50121



"Animal rights activist and wildlife painter watercolorist Francesca Owens presents her passion-fuelled paintings of exotic creatures..."
                             Zane Fischer
                             News & Culture, Santa Fe Reporter.


“It is too beautiful!”
                            Judy Mills, Director of CATT
                            Campaign Against Tiger Traffic
                            National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
                            Washington D.C.

“Tiger Gaze is simply STUNNNG!”
                            Brian Gratwicke
                            Assistant Director
                            Save The Tiger Fund Program
                            National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

“Owens is passionate...”, “Striking VIBRANT Portraits of Wild Animals...”  
                            Sonya Ellingboe,
                            Highlands Ranch Herald

"Francesca's paintings exhibit a vibrancy of intuitive color and strong patterns interwoven in her personalized wildlife paintings.  They represent a courage in self expression."
                            Eric Wiegardt
uthor of Watercolor Free & Easy book

“Francesca Owens’ watercolor paintings in the Tiger/Cat series are very exciting. The paintings contain vibrant color, strong values and good design which make them outstanding.” 
                            Frank Francese
                            Artist, NWS


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